Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sunrise on the beach
Under the Sea!

Ethan holding the baby parrot

xcaret adventure

All of us at the show at excaret

Wow! what an extreme in weather change. Cancun was beautiful and of course warm. It was a wonderful get away. We were so glad Clark and Schaley got to come with us. I'm sure Schaley would agree that we are lucky that we never got pulled over or wrecked in the car. Still not sure who was the crazier driver out of the two guys. I loved our resort and most of all the beach. The best was walking the beach with Ethan while we watched the sun rise. We had lots of fun adventures: excaret, jungle boat, snorkeling, sub sea, flea market shopping, mexican braids, spa, beach, and seeing the real Mexico villages. Thanks a bunch to mom and dad for watching the kids. They are the best ever! Although it was a lot of fun and relaxation, it is good to be home with the kids.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


We had a wonderful and fun Halloween. BrinLee loved being a nice witch. Easton wanted to be a monkey again and kept saying, "Me Monkey" and he and BrinLee would laugh. Brax was the famous "Headquarters-Sinclair" dinosaur. We had a week full of fun between parties and trick or treating. This is a picture of Brin's preschool class at their Halloween party. They had a costume parade on Orangeville main street.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Braxton!

I can't believe my baby is 1! How time flies. We had a fun party for Brax which I think Brin and East enjoyed more since they opened most the presents and helped with everything. Braxton is such a happy little guy we love him to pieces. He hasn't been able to play with what he wants, but with what Easton doesn't want. The poor baby. Braxton loves to always be busy and loves taking everything out of the cupboards. We are so blessed to have our little Braxton. He always has one of us or himself smiling or laughing. We love you Brax!

Girls Trip

Our little beauties
Mom, Amy, & Carrie

Brin Loves Loves the Lobsters

Happy Birthday to Grandma

Brin & Tayvi riding the train in the mall

We had another wonderful girls trip this year! We love to celebrate grandma's birthday this way. Of course we missed all of you girls who couldn't make it. Hopefully next year, you can come. We did the usual shopping and ate at Red Lobster and stayed at the motel and swam. We had a lot of good laughs and fun memories. BrinLee said to me today that she wished the girls trip was for 6 nights instead of 1. She absolutely loved being with just girls. Ethan was so sweet to watch both boys, and I don't know what he did, but Brax has slept through the night since we have been home. Ya!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday BrinLee!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday girl BrinLee
Our beautiful princess fairy friends

Fairy dancing

Tinker Bell and mini fairy cakes

Fun for all!

BrinLee had a great birthday and birthday party with friends and family. We had the usual family party and then had a fairy tinker bell party with her friends. At the party they did several different things, but they loved that Tinker Bell had hid the magic treasure and brought magic pixie dust & bottles to make (pixie sticks are delicious). They all loved fairy dancing and dressing up like fairies and doing different games. I had a lot of fun making my first cake and thanks to Aunt McKette for helping me too and Mom for watching the kids. BrinLee insisted we had to have a cake like this and party. It was a lot of fun and BrinLee keeps asking when her next birthday is so she can have the same party and have Tinker Bell come to her house again. I'm glad she had so much fun! Oh the magic of being a little girl. She also is working on Grandpa to take her to Disneyland so she can see Tinker Bell again since that is where she lives! Happy Birthday my sweet BrinLee girl and thanks for being patient and letting your brothers help you open your gifts.

Brin's first day of school. Ethan's 30!!!!

BrinLee has started preschool at Miss Sandra's who she loves and has been asking all summer when she gets to start going again. Starting school of course means we have started dance and gymnastics too. I can't believe it Ethan is 30. It was hard to do anything because of Ethan's crazy busy schedule, but we managed to throw in cake and ice cream with the kids which they loved. Easton was so excited he ended up sitting in the cake. I decorated the store so every one knew. He ended up with a lot of happy birthdays by the end of the day, to say the least.


Tajiah & Easton riding 4 wheelers
Taylie and BrinLee (little moms) pushing Brax

We had a lot of fun camping with the Price's. The kids loved it and didn't want to leave. They always want to stay in Grandpa's trailer even if it's in our yard. I on the other hand would much rather be home or camp in a hotel, but I did my once a year camping trip and even pulled a trailer for the first time (not by choice) I don't know that Ferron Mtn. was the best 1st place to pull a trailer, but we made it there and back. In the end it was all worth it for the kids and Ethan.